About Aencore
About Aencore
Establishment:Founded in Australia in 1986
Basic introduction:
  • Founder:Newton Langford
  • Started as fertilizer manufacturing company
  • Transformed into inorganic salts producer and became major inorganic salts supplier in Australia.
Aencore history:
  • 1993 Started out as fertilizer manufacturing company
  • 1995 Established agricultural machinery business unit
  • 1996 Sold agricultural machinery business unit
  • 2002 Converted Fertilizer production dept into R&D center for inorganic salts.
  • 2003 Established partnership in R&D with a major Japanese chemical company
  • 2005 Established QC analytical laboratory.
  • 2007 Transformed into chemical company  and became one of the major inorganic salt suppliers  in Australia.